EuroUSC organizes the second Certiflight Advisory Board in Madrid to discuss progress and identify challenges

May 16, 2024

The meeting will be held on May 23rd in Madrid and will be attended by the Project partners and independent professionals of the sector.

EuroUSC organizes the second Certiflight Advisory Board on May 23rd in Madrid with the objective of analyzing the progress made, as well as identifying the challenges of the sector, while discussing possible solutions.

EuroUSC is the partner in charge of the communication and dissemination of the European project that uses the Galileo OSNMA feature to certify the flight tracks of drones and ultralight aircraft inside VLL airspace.

The meeting will be attended by all the partners involved in the project, as well as experts from institutions representing the drone and general aviation sectors, as well as GNSS experts.

In order to obtain maximum feedback from the participants, the session will have include three interactive sessions.

This is the second Advisory Board after the one held in Naples just a year ago.

A moment of the First Advisory Board

The event will be open to all interested parties, so if you are a UAS or aviation professional and are interested in flight track authentication, you may attend the meeting to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the sector together with other top professionals, you can sign up in the contact form of the project.