VIDEO: Certiflight test flight to inspect the runways of Grottaglie airport

May 6, 2024

The aim was to check the functionality of the technology. The result was very satisfactory and demonstrated the viability of the technology.

This video, just over two minutes long, shows how the test flight day of Certiflight at Grottaglie airport in Puglia, Italy, unfolded in March 2024. The goal was to continue checking the proper functioning of the technology, as well as one of its most prominent use cases: the inspection of airport runways to ensure the safety of passengers and the proper functioning of infrastructure.

For the test, Certiflight flew a drone over the runways and placed a suitcase that could serve as an example of an unwanted object. During the test, the drone's technology detected the suitcase, triggering the security procedure for unidentified items on the airport runway. As part of the safety protocol, a team of bomb disposal experts moved to the area to carry out security tasks.

The test result was very satisfactory and demonstrated the viability of Certflight.

The flight was an activity that was part of the Mediterranean Aerospace Matching (MAM) fair, bringing together experts and stakeholders in the drone sector. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Certiflight explained what its project consists of, as well as its features and functionalities, to an expert audience.